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Friday is the BIG DAY!

So last night and well into this morning was dis-gusting! It was horrible but thank god there was someone like Josh there with his words of wisdom, and helping advice! thanks josh. But on to Friday... So as you all know my mom has been "sick" and Friday is the day for the Big Test... It will probably take a week or so for the results.. I just hope its not malignent or anything. They I should say, I hope they are not malignent. If its bad news then she will get surgery done soon. Apperantly her doctor wasn't to happy that she wasn't goin to get anything done when the first two tests came back different, well the same but they couldn't exactly tell what the news was. Friday is her Biopsy.. All i can do is pray and hope for the best..
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uh jess... you realize this is real world road rules journal riiiight???
yeah.. I have no idea how I managed this one but it happened.. lol