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k so here's the plan...

i need everyone in this community to comment...

k so i need to know the days that everyone is avalible so i can put together a mission. we need all the people we can get so let me know when you all can do something. and ill put the mission together. alright. we're in desprate need of a misson! it's been far to long, so those of you who wanna participate... comment please.
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im available any day baby ; )
i almost forgot you have no life... lol jp
ha ha yeah okay NO. . .
and you can tell justin not to call me when he gets out of work. . . screw it im pissed off. . . and dont ask me why cause im not about to tell
and never mind i dont have the time to do a mission im busy with my other firends
ok ur replaced then, ur out nathalia is in ur place ~*1*~
alright? but ya know what you could tell him urself to leave you alone if you want him to, i shouldnt have to be ur messanger ;) if you dont wanna talk to him fine by me i couldnt give a rats ass, but you call him and you tell him why you arent talking to him... it aint my job.
i was kidding, geeze take the stick out of ur ass... please.
im available and day except tomorrow, going to six flags, and friday saturday and sunday cause im working at nascar. any day after sunday is good.
i can do it any day except for this coming fridy (tommy's) and sunday (working). oh, i cant do it wednesday either. and i think im with tommy thursday. SO, saturday, or any day next week. except for next weekend (not this coming weekend, but the one after) im going away up north. but yeah, i think i can do it anytime next week. jess works everyday tho, so we'll have to find someone else to take her place. or do it on a saturday.

wow. that was a long comment.
we cant do it saturday, jess and my brother wont be able to do it... we cant do it thursday cuz im chillin with mandy... we cant do it next monday cuz im chillin with marco... but maybe if we get people to replace them we can do it sometime this weekend...
I work everyday, and ocassional Saturdays if its REALLY busy, but I haven't worked a saturday yet, so I can do it Friday afternoon/nights. Saturday anytime and sunday morning/afternoon... Lemme know whats up...
good ill try for friday! and ill try and get mandy to join in too cuz she's gonna be around then! sammie dont get out of work till 5 so it's all good that you cant till nitetime k
friday is no good. me and jess are sleeping at tommy's....
I wanna PLAY. I wanna PLAY.
alright, try and be free on friday. if you got a car then you can play, cuz i dunno how many cars we have. if not then if you know someone with a car get them to play too!
ummmm amanda, canobie
right... dont worry n e wayz cuz the mission has to be moved to sometime next week... everyone is busy on friday
sorry meg.. no canobie this week... maybe sometime next week.

oh and me and hector are gunna join you guys. when ever this shizzl takes place.
Hector Alamo??? I saw him working at McDonalds one day!!!!!
alright sounds good